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This is a collection of recordings of a three bladed wind turbine. The wind turbine was recorded from five different positions. The collection includes the full length recordings from each position as well as shorter, edited files. The full length recordings are tagged with “RAW” at the end of the file name. The shorter, edited files are tagged like this: “high intensity”, “low intensity”, “low to high intensity” and so on.

The details:
One location, five different positions. A picture from every position is included.
192kHz/24bit mono broadcast wave files with embedded metadata.
28 files
Over 25 minutes of original sound
Download size: 1,19GB total (1 .rar file)
Extracted size: 1,6GB
Please read the license agreement and listen to the samples before downloading

Download the metadata sheet here (Open office spreadsheet)

Listen to a preview of every track below:

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